Parking in Kaunas

In Kaunas city, Unipark offers its customers to park their cars in a closed parking lot located in Jonavos st. 1, close to Kaunas Castle. The parking lot is equipped with a car number plate scanning system. System operation is very simple – a camera scans a car number plate and a barrier rises up automatically.
Methods of payment:
• Paying at the pay station;
• Paying by using a mobile application.
You can pay for parking in all Kaunas city zones by using Unipark mobile application.

Zone map and more information here

Apps for Android and iPhone

Prepaid sim cards

You can buy prepaid sim cards at local stores, kiosks or gas stations.

Three network operators available:

  • Tele2 (Pildyk). You can get new card with 5GB of internet (3GB for first month, and extra 1GB for second and third months) for 3 EUR.
  • Bite Lietuva (LABAS)
  • Telia (Extra / Ežys)
Alcohol use in Lithuania

Alcohol is sold in shops between 10:00 and 20:00 on Monday through Saturday and 10:00 till 15:00 on Sundays.

Alcohol is allowed only from 20 years old.

BTW it’s NOT legal to drink in the public. Hide properly – thank you 😀

Where to go / Where to eat / What to see?

Lots of tourist related information is available on Kaunas TIC website: http://visit.kaunas.lt/en/information/transport/

Public Transport

buses, trolleybuses and minibuses. There are two types of tickets: a single use paper ticket and E-ticket. Trolleybuses and buses run from 04:30 until 22:30. Payments for Kaunas city public transport are made with the help of contactless electronic ticket (CARD) system. You may transfer different sums of money onto the CARD and/or pay for certain kinds of e-ticket (of 3, 7, 30 and 92 days) periodically. You may buy the CARD at the newspaper stands or in the places marked by the special sign “Kauno Viešasis Transportas” (KVT) (Kaunas Public Transport). You must always have your card when getting on the means of transport.

Useful information: if you do not have an e-card with payment for e-ticket, you may buy a single-use ticket from the driver. Please buy the single-use ticket from the driver immediately after getting on the means of transport. Please note that drivers do not have cash due to safety issues; thus, be prepared to pay the exact sum of money for the ticket (1 EUR). The tickets purchased from the driver do not have to be validated by a ticket puncher. Passengers must get on the bus through the front door and validate e-tickets or buy a single-use ticket from the driver. If there is a possibility, you should get off the bus through the back/middle door. You may check Kaunas public transport routes and schedules on the website www.stops.lt/kaunas

Minibus passengers can use the Kaunas card filled with single-use electronic tickets to pay for public transportation. Passengers, paying for the trip by single-use electronic tickets, during 30 minutes from the first card check at vehicle can change the vehicle – take a route taxi, a bus or a trolleybus. If you take a bus or trolleybus, and later on continue your trip by the route taxi, the total price for the trip is 1 Euro. You do need to pay extra when transferring from the route taxi to bus or trolleybus. The only requirement is that every time you have to check your card by touching the ticket scanning machine. The constant route taxi passengers can get a monthly ticket. It is important to know that this monthly ticket does not allow taking a city buses or trolleybuses. It is only valid at the municipal route taxis (routes numbered 51-57).

Kaunas International Airport (Karmelava) – is located 15 km north east of Kaunas City. Bus No. 29 regularly runs from the airport terminal to the city centre. The route of bus No. 29 connects Kaunas Airport with Kaunas city. If you come to Kaunas late in the evening, for your convenience the bus No. 29 or No. 29E (late night express bus) will wait for you and take you to Kaunas. Every day the bus from Kaunas Airport only leaves after the last plane lands. Useful information: Please buy a ticket from the driver immediately after boarding the vehicle. Please be prepared to pay the exact amount of money – 1 Eur. Paper tickets purchased from the driver must not be validated using ticket punchers. You can find the bus No. 29 or No. 29E (routes and timetables: www.stops.lt/kaunas/#bus/29

Taxis are available and the price to the city centre is about 20-25 EUR. Taxis can be found and hired directly from outside the airport terminal building. We recommend “Smart taxi“ which can be called on tel. 1821 or +370 37 29 1821 or ordered online www.smarttaxi.lt .

TAXIS: can be hailed on the streets, called by phone or using mobile App. The average price for one kilometer by taxi is 0,70 EUR.

Public transport scheme
Trafi – An web/app for finding an optimal route with public transport

Trafi app is available for iPhone and Android phones

Taxify app for Android and iPhone

Where Afterparty takes place?

Information will be provided later.
We are looking for best option now.

Can someone else pick my order?

Yes, anyone will be able to pickup your order at Kaunas MD registration site, they just need to have your order receipt.

When will my items be delivered?

The orders will be shipped after the event. It might take a 1 – 2 days to actually ship your order from post office. (We need to package all your items, and put labels with addresses).

The shipping time varies depending on the country. Shipping inside Lithuania should take 2 – 4 business days, shipping to other Europe countries might take a bit more.

All orders will be sent as registered packages from the post office.